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Escorts in G11 Islamabad are an establishment that caters to the needs of foreign women who have plans to visit Pakistan or other countries. A number of them are not only from western countries but there are also many girls from eastern parts of Asia, like Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. The main target of this establishment is to provide a source of income for the working girls who have families back home. In fact, a lot of foreign women who come to Pakistan have families back in their respective countries, especially those who live in the Gulf region. However, with the increasing demand for escort services, the services provided by such agencies have expanded to include many internationals who want to enjoy their vacations in Pakistan.

While there are call girls available from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, and many other European countries, the ones from Asia and the Philippines are the preferred ones. There are also agencies operating from Dubai, Egypt, India, Mexico, France, Germany, and Switzerland. It is no wonder that these agencies are thriving these days. The reasons that drive them to serve such clients are varied. For one, it is not easy to find local girls. They usually belong to the older generation and do not hold the rank and position that younger students do.

Secondly, there is a big demand for such call girls in Pakistan. Many young men have their own plans to visit Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, the Philippines, and other countries. Besides being able to earn good money, they also get the chance to meet foreign women, make friends and have fun. All these activities make their trip more memorable and exciting.